Reviews for Attorney Jude M. Koenig, Truckee, CA>

Jen - Reno, NV.

Jude was overall an excellent attorney when representing me! From the start of my case he was always straight forward and honest regarding the realistic expectations that could be possible. He would explain every process to me in full, which was very comforting since I had never been involved in the legal process. If I ever had any questions, he was quick to respond no matter how silly it might have been. I trusted and respected his professional opinion and would recommend his services to anyone I know. With patience, perseverance , and knowledge he was able to successfully get all my charges dismissed due to insufficient evidence . Victory ! Thank you for all your time and hard work!

Guy - Truckee CA.

"As a retired professional, I find difficult to find top service these days. However, Jude is incredibly good at what he does and I received a great outcome because of it. He was timely with communication and great explaining each step. Also, his fee was exceptionally more than fair given the hours he worked. I definitely recommend him and will do so to my friends."

Catherine - Auburn, CA.

"He was so instrumental in helping me get through all the hoops I needed to accomplish. I would say he is not at all interested in money and truly cares about people. He went above and beyond and almost toward the end, I had a bit of a snafu, and he was there representing me just after the holidays and never once gave me a hard time about it. You really need someone like Mr. Koenig on your side. He is honest, fair minded and a man of integrity. I would recommend him again and again. I hopefully will never have to be in the same situation, but if you find yourself in a tough spot, he's your lawyer that will fight for you!"

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Reviews for Attorney Jude M. Koenig, Truckee, CA.
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Joseph - Tahoe City, CA.

Jude went above and beyond in my case. In hindsight his fee was reasonable. When I retained him I had no idea of typical cost. He did not take advantage of the situation.
It was a very hard time in my life and he took the time to walk me through the legal system. There were circumstances that were unforeseen, yet Jude was prepared for them and thus I was prepared.
After my case had resolved in the most favorable way possible, I created a technical complication. While Jude was no longer on retainer, he made himself available to help me with my self-created situation.
I am sure there are other individuals in the area who do a fine job, but when you are under the duress of the legal system and the mistakes you have created, Jude Koenig is a great choice to make.