Family Law Services

Dealing with family law matters of any kind is a challenging and emotionally fraught experience. The anxiety that comes from not knowing what is coming next can be overwhelming. One of the most important things to do during divorce proceedings is to maintain perspective – at Jude M. Koenig Law, this is something we can help you do. Mr. Koenig has over 20 years of experience helping individuals move forward in their lives and embrace a future full of possibility.

With decades of providing straightforward, no-nonsense legal representation, Jude focuses on helping his clients to make fully informed decisions that support their needs and best interests. Clients can expect advise and counsel based upon their individual circumstances with tailored guidance and legal expertise that helps them move forward in their life.  When you are looking for an honest, civil, and compassionate approach to your family law matters, Jude M. Koenig, Attorney at Law can provide you with everything you need.

Truckee and Lake Tahoe Divorce Lawyer

To commence a divorce or dissolution of marriage case the parties together, or one of the parties, must file a petition for dissolution of marriage. The steps following the filling will vary depending on whether the parties filed jointly or not. Filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage triggers a number of deadlines and meeting those deadlines is essential to getting the divorce finalized. Contact us to guide you through this process and to make sure that all your concerns are adequately addressed.

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