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Who you choose to represent you is one of the most important decisions you face after being charged with a criminal offense. Considering that criminal cases often go to trial , you want to ensure that you are represented by a powerful and aggressive criminal defense attorney who knows their way around the courtroom and can present a compelling case to the jury. Moreover, you need someone who will thoroughly examine all aspects of the criminal charges in order to determine your strongest defense. Jude M. Koenig  handles cases in exactly this manner, and provides clear explanations of the criminal laws and legal procedures relevent to your case.

Jude M. Koenig believes that fighting criminal charges is about a lot more that keeping you out of prison. As an American citizen, you are afforded rights to due process and you are against illegal search and seizure. Your freedom cannot be taken away unless you are proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Koenig Law is here to make sure that your rights are respected by law enforcement officers and the prosecution team; this is achieved by providing skilled, knowledgeable, and aggressive legal representation.

Jude M. Koenig has successfully represented clients in the face of all types of serious criminal charges, including felony and misdemeanor criminal charges in state and federal court.

All criminal defense attorneys are not the same. Make sure to do your own due diligence – talk to a few different attorneys and choose the best one for YOU.